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lian li alpha 550

Win a LIAN LI ALPHA 550 Mid-Tower Chassis

Lian Li Alpha 550 Chassis It's competition time here again at eTeknix! In this competition, we have teamed up with the fantastic team at Lian Li to bring you the chance to ...

2 months ago

AORUS M3 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Review

AORUS M3 Gigabyte is well known for their impressive motherboards, graphics cards, and more. However, their gaming brand AORUS is the one that's really blazing a ...

21 hours ago
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date To Be Revealed Next Month

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Expected To Be Revealed Next Month Kingdom Hearts is one of those franchises that has managed to really capture the hearts and imaginations of ...

2 days ago

Game Of Thrones Is Recording Multiple Endings To The Series

Game of Thrones Is Recording Multiple Endings To The Series After years of production, the upcoming season for Game of Thrones is set to provide the finale to what is ...

2 days ago
Kodi Premier League Football

Premier League May Have the Details of Illegal Kodi Streamers

The Premier League May Have the Names and Addresses of Illegal Streamers Today marks the FA cup final. What many consider to be the greatest single footballing event on the ...

2 days ago

Mugshot Website Owners Arrested For Extortion

A website which displayed police mugshots finds owners arrested for extortion As you can imagine, getting arrested is not a pleasant experience. Particularly so the rather ...

2 days ago

eTeknix Go Inside The Red Bull Gaming Sphere

Inside the Red Bull Gaming Sphere Earlier this year, Red Bull announced the opening of the Gaming Sphere in London. The UK's largest and arguably only center devoted ...

2 days ago
world of warcraft

World of Warcraft Movie Props To Go To Auction

Hundreds of World of Warcraft Movie Props Go Up For Auction It's been a little over 2 years now since the World of Warcraft movie landed on our screens. Looking back on it ...

2 days ago
leisure suit larry

Leisure Suit Larry Might Be Getting A New Game

Leisure Suit Larry Might Be Getting A New Game Fans of classic adventure games will no doubt be familiar with the Leisure Suit Larry series. The 6 games produced during the ...

2 days ago

Intel Confirms AVX 512 For Cannon Lake CPUs

Intel Core i3 8121U Features AVX 512 With every new processor launch, the big focus is invariably on IPC. As a result, IPC becomes the focus for determining performance ...

2 days ago

ASUS STRIX AMD RX560 Graphics Card Review

STRIX AMD RX560 We're big fans of ASUS here at eTeknix, as they continue to deliver award-winning and very desirable products for PC gamers. Their STRIX line of ...

2 days ago
PC Building Simulator Adds Antec's Line of Cases

PC Building Simulator Adds Antec’s Line of Cases

Antec Joins the PC Building Simulator The PC building simulator was first unveiled last year. The objective of the game is simple. Build a PC with the allotted budget ...

3 days ago
Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Edition Chair Now Available

Nitro Concepts S300 Urban Camo Edition Chair Now Available

New Urban Camo Colour Option Nitro Concepts S300 is available in various vibrant colours. We have even given one away two months ago. Now they have a new Urban Camo ...

3 days ago

Vampyr Has Officially Gone Gold 2 Weeks Before Launch

Vampyr is declared Gold ahead of its launch next month Of all the games coming up for release, without doubt, Vampyr is one of the most interesting. It is also, ...

3 days ago
apple iphone royal wedding

Apple Offer A Royal Wedding Commemorative iPhone X

Apple Creates A Commemorative iPhone X for the Royal Wedding Just in case you had been hiding in a cave, there is a royal wedding coming up. At this point, you're probably ...

3 days ago
Galactic Civilizations II

Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition Is Available For Free

Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate Edition Is Free On The Humble Bundle Website The weekend is coming and I daresay many of you reading this are already gearing up for a ...

3 days ago
no man's sky

No Mans Sky Update Adds Proper Multiplayer and PVP Dogfights

An update to No Mans Sky will add property multiplayer and PVP dog fighting When No Mans Sky launched, it was quite possibly one of the most hyped launched in recent memory. ...

3 days ago
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Denuvo Cracked on Day One

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Is Free-To-Play Weekend

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Has Free Weekend When Middle-Earth Shadow of War launched, people had hopes that it would be able to build on the largely excellent original ...

3 days ago
TeamGroup Upgrades T-Force Dark PRO DDR4 Up to 3466MHz

TeamGroup Upgrades T-Force Dark PRO DDR4 Up to 3466MHz

Faster RAM Option for AMD Ryzen 2000 CPUs TeamGroup is announcing a faster memory option from their T-Force Dark PRO DDR4 series. The series is initially available in ...

3 days ago

Which Report Finds Broadband Speeds Are Half That Advertised

Which Survey Finds many UK homes get half the broadband speed advertised With our growing reliance on the internet and the growth of streaming services, having a decent ...

3 days ago
Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining Will Take 0.5% of the World Energy By End 2018

Bitcoin Mining Is Set To Take 0.5% of the Total Worlds Energy Output By the End of the Year With the cryptocurrency boom in 2017, it has seen many individuals and indeed ...

3 days ago
Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Begins January 24

Sea of Thieves To Get Content Expansion This Month

Sea of Thieves To Get Content Expansion This Month When Sea of Thieves launched, I must admit I had high hopes for the game. A team based game of piracy with PVE and PVP ...

3 days ago

PayPal Buys iZettle In a Deal Worth $2.2bn

PayPal Announce Purchase of Swedish Start-Up Company iZettle for $2.2bn When it comes to online payments, PayPal is without a doubt one of the best-known companies. While ...

3 days ago

Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers To Start Delivery In 2 Weeks

Elon Musk's Boring Company Flamethrowers are to start delivery in 2 weeks You may recall that back in January a lot of buzz was growing around a supposed flamethrower that ...

3 days ago

AORUS Gaming K7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Gaming K7 The AORUS brand has a strong history of cool gaming peripherals. They're basically the cool gaming side of Gigabyte, and well known for their fantastic ...

3 days ago

Intel Debuts First 10nm Cannon Lake Processor

Intel's First Cannon Lake CPU Core i3 8121U A few years ago, Intel started extending each new process node. Due to the complexities of silicon development, moving to a new ...

3 days ago

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